The Bruce Fordyce Memorial Collection

This is the best collection of Bruce Fordyce's immense contribution to SCD in New Zealand. It includes the instructions, diagrams and original music for 17 dances composed by Bruce himself.

I hope you enjoy the dances. Bruce would be really pleased to see dancers enjoying his creations.

A piper in the streets today

Set up, and tuned and started to play,

And away, away, away on the tide

Of his music we started; on every side.

Doors and windows were opened wide,

And men left down their work and came,

And women with petticoats coloured like flame.

And little bare feet that were blue with cold,

Went back to the age of gold,

And all the world went gay, went gay,

For half an hour in the street today.

By Seumas O’Sullivan

With grateful thanks to Frances Sommerville for permission to reprint the poem.

0. Bruce Fordyce Alphabetical List of Dances for Reeltimedancing